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4D Brush Special Edition Eyelash Mascara

4D Brush Special Edition Eyelash Mascara

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Product Name: Mascara

Net weight: 13 grams

Silicone brush head

Let the eyelashes grow sharply, making you more attractive


The slender and defined brush makes it easy to draw lines (thick and thin) that make the eyes look deeper.

Easy to wear and carry, waterproof mascara mascara.

Easy to draw fine lines. Keep it clean and refreshed all day - no dirt or peeling

A high concentration of black carbon factor will cover your eyelashes layer by layer, making them darker.

High quality paste and 3D fiber can pull out non-caking and amplifiers. Clean your eyelashes.

The collagen element makes it softer and more elastic, and it forms a flexible protective film that prevents the grafted eyelashes from breaking easily.

Package includes:

1 X Mascara

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